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June 14-17 AnthroCon by Shadowrunner

What is AnthroCon?

Anthrocon is the world’s largest convention for those fascinated with anthropomorphics, which are humanlike animal characters. We are a collection of artists, animators, writers, costumers, puppeteers, and just everyday fans who enjoy cartoon animals and their kin. Membership is open to any and all who like to imagine what it would be like if animals could walk and talk as we do — and no, you do not have to wear a costume to attend!

Anthrocon 2012, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” is to be held from June 14-17, 2012 in Pittsburgh. Note that this is one week earlier than previously announced! Join us then for workshops, panel discussions, an art exhibition, a dealer room and much more!!!!

The USS Sovereigns very own Trekwolf is currently on assignment at the 2012 AnthroCon in Pittsburg, PA. Read here some brief updates from his trip so far. Plus get to meet some of the convention goers.


Thursday the 14th

Morning all


Left Rochester on Wed for the second leg of the journey near 5:30 am arrived Pittsburgh 11:15 no traffic and 70-80 mph mostly all the way.  Waited for our roommate to arrive got settled in and gave 2 furs 1 from Scotland and 1 from Australia the 1st timers tour.  Met a bunch of friends, suited a while.  Got head piece repaired and the day ended near 11:15pm.


Thursday Afternoon

Well midday of day 2 of AC and near 3000 people here so far and over 400 suiters and everyone is not here yet.  People are in and out of the Westin and DLCC just stopping by to see what this is about.  The shop keepers are quite happy we are here as are many other residence here in Pittsburgh that work down town just a half block walk can take near 15 min with people stopping you for a pix.


Fellow Furries smiling for the camera!


Back row is Zeke Husky, Mystery Otter, Ranger and Lone Sad Wolf

Front row is Lightpaw and unknown Fursuiter

More AnthroCon Participants


Thursday Evening

Well the evening brought some interesting critters out to the convention center roof for an impromptu  private photo shoot pix are taken by the Photographer Exhaniber.  We had wolves hybrids, foxes, a Starfleet ambassador from Cait.


More con goers and a huge waffle!!!



L-R Back Volpus(fox), Syberfox Kitsune(fox), Wolfox(wolf-fox), Waggable(wolf), DisturbisWolf(wolf), Frosrbite(white wolf), Sabre T Tiger(Sabretooth Cat), Fredrick K Fox(silver fox), Me, Ambassador Sim’Bron(lion), Animal(wolf), Nekari(totter Tiger-otter),

Down front  Jack the Wullfle(wolf with waffle), Lightpaws(fox)



Well, our ongoing top story we have been following is Anthrocon 2012 Pittsburgh, PA.  The Convention officially opens today in less than an hour and runs near 24 hrs till Sunday 5pm, estimates now with pre-reg and people registering are in excess of 42-2500 people, and near 925 suiters.  The dealers den is ready to roll, as is the artist alley and art show/auction.  At out evening report we will have more sights from the con and will be video taping for YouTube later today or tomorrow.


Nitro Shepherd and Lavender Shepherd


Good evening from Pittsburgh, PA again and ac is under way officially as of 11:45 Friday morning with thousands of people from est 12 diff countries, from Dragons, to wolves, foxed, bears etc, all descended on Pittsburgh.  It can be a rather interesting time as people just stop and pull over for a pix of you as u walk down the street.  Friday eve, was Fursuit friendly dance and 15-20 suiters including this greymuzzle jammed from 9:30 to near 11:30 (dance goes till 2am) but ticker and feet said no more.   The daunting task of walking back to room but ½ block away took 20 min as people wanted pix.  A little shopping,  more shopping tomorrow and the death march of 950 suiters give or take 20 if they are unable to or are busy to be in parade.


Well, Sat  was full steam ahead at Anthrocon today, day started with the Greymuzzle breakfast, then a little shopping then the dreaded death march.  Yes the Infamous AC fursuit parade.  Records broken by leaps and bounds last year was 854 and this year 1048 suiters in parade.  Increased in size, number hotels, rooms, attendees and near 20 million to Pittsburgh’s economy so far.  Had chance to do the Ren fair gear.  Back from dinner and soon to the masquerade then maybe the dance later on.

Shadowrunner in Ren Faire Attire







June 1,2,3  Wizard World Comic Con

By Dave Sitbon


Wizard World Comic Con was very disorganized this year.  The lines to see the bigger stars were insane and things that were promised to people who pre-paid were not given.  They had a lot to offer for those who were not in line all day.  Stan Lee was so kind to his fans.  He truly listened to each question and was as friendly as could be.  Bruce Campbell was awesome, doing a different pose with each person who did a photo op with him and he was a riot during his Q&A Panel.  William Shatner was also great to meet and he made the Five Captains Panel very enjoyable.


Dave and Bruce Campbell

Beryl and Peggy at Wizard World

Peggy and Jason Priestly



May 5th 2012 Creation Con

Our very own Klingon Dr was in town for the Creation Con Star Trek Convention

Our very own Klingon Dr on his way to a Con


Creation Con was in town on May 5th at the Cherry Hill Crowne Plaza Hotel.  The USS Sovereign’s XO attended in full costume for the 2 day event.

To see the rest of the photos check out


Creation Con was at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Cherry HIll, NJ.  Peggy and I had a very nice time and it was a pleasure listening to Frakes, Burton and Spiner during their Q&A Panels.

Johnathan Frakes and Dave Sitbon

Peggy and Doc at Creation

Sir Patrick Stewart and Dave