Commanding Officer –Admiral Beryl  “Blackkat”Washington

Executive Officer–Capt. Robert “The Doc” Piazza

Second Officer–Commodore Jay “Shadowrunner” Ansky

Chief of Sciences–Commodore Ronald “Selek” Held

Stuffy and technical is what gets done here in Sciences

Chief of Security–FCapt. Dean U’Delsone

Is charged with maintaining security at all Sovereign functions which, in the estimation of the Commanding Officer, require a security presence.  At all functions where members are performing service of a security nature and in so doing representing Sovereign or her presence, the Chief Security Officer is the ranking Team Leader for Sovereign, and will be directly responsible to the Volunteer Security Coordinator for the event.  In those instances where a higher ranking officer of Sovereign is present, the Chief Security Officer will advise him/her of any action(s) that the Chief Security Officer may take in any special situation.  The Chief Security Officer is charged with upholding all articles of  the members handbook.

Chief of Communications–LCDR Stacey “Gulana the Silent” Wright

Welcome to the your Communications Department.  Whether it be through opening all hailing frequencies,email, text, smoke signals or verbal or physical threats(just kidding!!). We are responsible for the oversight and timely preparation of the ships’ communications such as the newsletter, communiqués from Sovereign to Fleet, Region, other sci-fi clubs, as well as keeping up to date on our charities. The ships website and other social media is maintained as well by this department. And of course we are the guardians of the secret stash of cookies that never seems to end.

Chief of Medical–Capt. Robert “The Doc” Piazza

Chief of Engineering

Ships Counselor–FCapt. Pam “Berserk Betazoid” Fernsler