Still with me? Great! Now life aboard the USS Sovereign is all about what you make of it. You can contribute a little or you can contribute a lot. The choice is up to you. You have an idea for something new and exciting to do that’s great please share. You can sign up to serve in any department that you like. You do not have to have real world experience to be in a specific area. Its all about what you bring to the table. We do many things together as a group. And we also do many things apart from the ship as well.




Now I am sure you are wondering how do I sign up or come check out a meeting?


To check out a meeting send am email to

Beryl Washington at  or Stacey Wright at with your interest in attending or signing up to join.

There are several sections aboard that you can choose to be in.

 Command, Sciences, Security, Operations, Engineering, Communications and Medical.

Annual dues are as follows: Active-$20.00  Family-$27.00 and Associate-$15.00

If you prefer Snail mail Sovereigns address is

Please email us and we will gladly give it to you!!

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