Learn about all the wonderful Species we have living aboard the USS Sovereign. Its just a melting pot of  awesomeness!!



Name:   Siandierra Anjannue’ Beautilier

Rank:  Admiral

Assignment:  Commanding Officer


Planet:   Cait

Species:  Feline

Caitians didn’t reach out to other worlds right away but my father, LeRoi was an early pioneer. He traveled as soon as our world began to accept visitors; he was anxious to visit and see how worlds beyond ours live. And so he explored all the way to earth where he met my mother. She was the princess of a mystical tribe of shape shifters, that  so intrigued my father they soon fell in love. I and my brother are products of that union.


That union gave my brother and me an unique ability to shape shift into cats large and small. That is just a small insight into our nature. Caitians have a stormy history but we are proud race, with a beautiful planet. We have come to Star Fleet and thrived and made many inroads into the Federation. I am the Commanding Officer of the USS Sovereign NCC-75000; my Caitian name Siandierra Anjannue’ Beautilier. Since I roam the ship and other places often in the guise of a black panther , it has become habit for my crew to call me Blackkat. We are territorial, loyal, hunters, often mysterious and we like it so.




Name:  Jay (Shadowrunner) Ansky

Rank:    Commodore

Assignment:  2nd Officer USS Sovereign


Planet:   Earth

Species:   Lupine





I lived a happy 4 years with my parents until I was sent to stay with my Grandparents while Mom and Dad were off on Starbase 8 doing a warp core test that breached killing my parents when I was 5.  I now became a permanent resident with my grandparents.  Life was difficult to adjust to as the were more into Native American culture than my parents were, growing up I felt different, but was told it was part of getting older, so I dismissed it.


When age 13 came around I was out playing Baseball with friends and I went to go get a foul ball in the bushes and when I reached down I noticed extra hair on back of hand and nails were longer.  I checked other hand and it was there also, I tossed the ball back and ran home and straight to my room, where in mirror I noticed my teeth longer and hair on face.  My grandma came up to see what happened and when she opened the door she smiled and yelled for grandpa.  When grandpa came up and saw, he and grandma decided it was time to tell me everything.


They took me back down stairs to the study, sat me down, fur and all and pulled out an ornately decorated box.  Within the box was a message from mom and dad, and the ancient text of the Garou people.  I watched the message from my parents and they explained everything. That I was the last of the Garou and it would bring great responsibility.  I decided to enlist in Starfleet where, I excelled in many classes, until I was called to a board of inquiry and questioned about some things I had done.  Fortunately the board decided after long explanation and demonstration of my ability to change into a werewolf, it was decided to let me continue my Fleet education under close watch.


My Academy career was followed closely by a Caitian that was stationed on the USS Simonov.  Though academy life after I was outed was particularly rough for me.  Restraint had to be shown as not to harm anyone as an animal.  Upon Graduation I was posted to the USS Sovereign where I was an engineer for many a year, moving up the ranks and changing departments to Security, I found my nitch the perfect “guard dog”.  Life on board was rough with the crew and their apprehensive way toward me.  From captain to captain the ship changed hands the ship design changed.  The time had come again to change the center seat and wow a surprise it was the up and coming Caitian in her first Command.


Not a day had passed into my new command change I was called into the Captains ready room,  “Mrrrow, I have been following your career since your Academy days and I am thrilled to have you under my command.  I have heard lore and legend from Earth on Cait growing up about Wolf-men and I am elated to have on here…….



Gulana the Silent

Name:     Gulana the Silent

Rank:       LCDR

Assignment:     Chief of Communications

Home:   Enforcers Council Compound, North America

Planet:  Earth

Species:   Domar(Vampire/Human Hybrid)

I have been among your company for some time now and the Council has persuaded me to tell you a little bit more about myself. My name is Gulana and I am a Domar  a human/vampire hybrid. I was created to be the ultimate assassin. My original master Marcus  brought me across in 1028. I will spare you the sad tales of my youth. But perhaps one day over a pint I may tell you the story.


As I wandered the centuries doing the dirty work of my master, killing, maiming, messing with the minds of kings and queens. He grew tired of my services and tried to kill me but he failed. To make a long story short I found a new master a elder of his territory, who helped me get status in the vampire community and treats me like a equal although he’s way older than me. You must understand Domars are illegal in the vampire community anyone found to have created one is put to death along with the Domar.


My original master got away with it because he was an Enforcer and hide his dirty work in plain sight. Once I healed from my injuries I betrayed my original master to the Enforcers Council spilled all his dirt. In exchange I would get to live if I worked for the council no problem. I actually enjoy upholding the law in the vampire community. I get to wear lots of leather and carry  sharp objects. Ah yes 1997 that was the beginning of my new life.


The next several centuries brought great change within myself and the vampire communities. I earned a bunch of degrees from all over the world. Held many a career and improved the general lot of the vampire community. But you must understand Domars are still illegal, me of course being the exception. They understood I was more useful to them alive then dead. Especially since I still held some of my old masters secrets. Which of course help the head of the Council Dorian in weeding out many a enemy.


Anyway how did I come to be in Starfleet you ask. well that’s a quaint tale.  I was at a local gathering of civilians and Starfleet personnel. I was approached by a lovely woman who just told me wonderful stories of being in Starfleet and traveling among the stars. I was sold, to travel among the stars and meet beings from a different planet. To expand the vampires community knowledge of the world around us how exciting. Immortality does get boring after a while. So here I am a special envoy of the Enforcers Council and a member of the USS Sovereign.



Estrazhi La Corellia

Name:Estrazhi La Corellia

Rank: FCapt

Assignment: Ships Counselor



Species: Betazoid


I come from the planet Betazed (BZ) where telepathy and often empathy (feelings) are the norm.  “Courtesy of a telepath” is something in our society that respects the privacy of another’s mind while still being open to surface thoughts.  As a result BZ produces highly capable mediators, ambassadors, counselors… and spies.

A certain class of BZ’s trains in the area of Conflict Arts, both mental and physical.  I am one of these, and am affectionately known on Sov as the Berserk Betazoid.  Think of River Tam on Serenity and you get the idea.
My mother is from one of the high Houses, the one known as House Corellia. It has produced some of the best and greatest BattleZeds in our history.

My hair is long, straight and dark brown.  I have an oval face and bright dark eyes, like the rest of the BZ’s, no difference there.  I stand about 5’10” and weigh about 150 pounds.  I have a mysterious past, and happened to study on Vulcan for a few years as well.




Name: K’Robb


Assignment: XO/CMO EMH MK1 and CDR  Klingon Defense Force



Species: Klingon


I was the original Mark1 EMH hologram but I was stolen by a Klingon operative and reprogrammed as a Klingon EMH . But I was incompatible with their ship holomatrix. Between a  power surge and massive attempts at re programming to try and make me work with their Klingon holomatrix. I became a true life form I was rescued by the Approved Mark 1 EMH and was integrated into STARFLEET as an officer and Physician in the fleet .

Although my programming leads more towards the Klingon appearance I can appear as any species I choose. I have served on many vessels in STARFLEET but have made the USS Sovereign my home. First as a crew member, then Chief Medical Officer and now adding Executive Officer along to CMO. Although I have yet to get the crew to adapt to my Klingon sense of humor they are coming along nicely.



Cookie Momma

Name:Claire “Cookie Momma” Halber

Rank:LT jg

Assignment:Communications Department




Since I am the oldest member of the crew, I consider myself to be the old Wise Woman.
My skills include; baking cookies, cutting coupons, and buying Capri Sun.
I am also the CFO of the Intergalactic Bank of Claire.