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Welcome to the new home of the USS Sovereign, a Star Trek and Sci-fi based fanclub.  We are also a member of STARFLEET International, the worlds largest Star Trek Club. The USS Sovereign is located in the beautiful “City of Brotherly Love,” Philadelphia.  We meet on the second Saturday of the month at  the CO’s quarters.

Don’t let our name fool you; we are so much more than Science Fiction. Our crew is comprised of all genres of geeky goodness. We love fantasy and horror, comic books, Anime, Steampunk and anything else we can shake a stick at!! So, why don’t you join us on our continuing mission to find all forms of fun? Whether it be a Convention, Ren Faire or a sing a-long, if it’s fun, we are there!!!


Farpoint Convention



Dr. Evil



Franklin Institute Star Trek Exhibition


IC 2011 Pocono Mountains

So are you up for the Challenge?

Come Join Us!!!!!